Truly Personal Portfolio Management

We bring to our clients very close, frequent, confidential customer contact.

All clients have direct access to our two portfolio managers and staff. GKV Capital is, by design, a small firm which enables us to give each client the attention that their account requires to meet their long-term goals.
In initial meetings with you, we establish your investment objectives, define the level of risk suitable for your account and familiarize you with our investment philosophy and approach. We outline exactly what are our expectations for the performance of the account. Through this process, you as a client, have a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect from us and what benchmarks GKV should be meeting to fulfill your needs as an investor.

We understand that there are significant differences between each investor’s circumstances, risk tolerance and objectives. Because we manage each client account separately and because we invest directly in individual securities rather than mutual funds or other investment vehicles, we tailor the management of your portfolio to meet your specific needs.

Transparency in Your Investments, Performance, and Fees

We pride ourselves in giving clients full transparency in their investments. As a fee only, independent firm, unlike most of Wall Street, there is no hidden agenda. We want to see our clients’ assets grow as quickly and securely as possible. We do not sell any financial products, there are no hidden fees, and we do not receive commissions. Our clients’ interests are perfectly aligned with our own.

We believe you should be able to intelligently understand your portfolio performance and know what you pay in fees. These basic factors are instrumental to reaching your financial goals. The major Wall Street firms obscure client performance and fees. We have come across very few brokerage statements that clearly highlight a client’s performance or fees paid for various services or financial products.

We deliver detailed comprehensive statements to our clients on a quarterly basis in addition to the monthly brokerage statements that clients receive. We break out portfolio performance over the last quarter, the last year, the last several years and since inception. All performance data is shown after fees and fees are billed for services in a clear coherent fashion.

Protecting our Clients

Four of the largest asset bubbles in investment history have occurred in the last 25 years. Volatility has taken a significant toll on investment assets requiring new strategies to protect and grow wealth. As an independent portfolio management firm making direct investments on our clients’ behalf, we have the flexibility and expertise to respond to the changing investment environment to reduce risk, minimize losses and grow wealth. We have a proven long-term track record of effectively managing risk in down markets and capturing gains in up markets.

We take a dynamic view of the macro economy to determine expected returns in the near-term of various asset classes. Within these classes individual investments are selected for clients’ accounts on an account by account basis.

We do not simply buy securities and hold in perpetuity, but seek to take advantage of changes in market sentiment and fundamentals to avoid losses and create opportunity. As an independent portfolio manager we have the flexibility to adjust investment exposure rapidly. If we are concerned about the outlook for the market we will liquidate securities and raise cash to protect against potential losses.