Independent Investment Advisory

GKV Capital Management is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1975. We provide portfolio management services for our clients which include individuals, families, charitable trusts, corporations and retirement plans.

We are an independent, fee-only advisor. We do not receive commissions and we do not sell any financial products. We have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to put our clients’ interests first.

Client accounts are separately managed and tailored to meet the specific needs, including risk tolerance, investment objectives, and tax consequences, of each client. Client assets are held at an unaffiliated brokerage firm.

With extensive expertise in security analysis, we make direct investments on behalf of our clients buying individual securities. This eliminates costly mutual fund fees and increases the flexibility to manage volatility. We actively allocate capital to take advantage of investment opportunities altering exposure to individual companies, industry sectors, and asset classes in anticipation of the changing investment and economic environment.

We are transparent in all facets of our asset management practice and believe it is important for our clients know what they own, why, what their performance is, and what they are paying in fees.

We build comprehensive portfolios for our clients with a goal of reducing volatility and producing prudent growth.

There is plenty of expertise in financial planning and retirement planning but very little actual investment management.

When you are ready to move beyond the planning stages and require actual management of your assets, we are ready for you.

A Trusted Fiduciary

Your wealth is your future. You need to be able to trust your advisors, but for many financial firms, it’s hard to tell whether they are looking out for your best interests or their own. Many products serve the bank rather than the client. Brokers compensated by commission are incented to sell you unnecessary products and even in fee-only wrap accounts they are still incented to promote their firm’s proprietary products first. Banks are continuously creating new financial products that obscure client fees or client performance or both. Salespeople push unnecessary insurance policies and complex annuities that have high fees and lock you in like a bad timeshare. Advisors direct client funds into mutual funds which charge additional fees making it impossible to match the benchmark indexes. Client assets directed to safe bond funds where returns are meager, fees are high and investors risk losing principal since a fund doesn’t guarantee against losses like an individual bond does. In a drive to reduce costs and reap economies of scale more firms are using model portfolios and algorithms to manage assets while account managers freshly out of undergrad telling you to stop looking at your statement and to focus on the long-term. “Trust us”, they say. Or you can put your future into an elite hedge fund with high management fees plus a cut of your performance gains when times are good. Unfortunately, they won’t reimburse you when you experience losses.

We have been protecting and growing client assets as a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) since 1975. The Investment Advisor Act of 1940 created the framework for investment advisors which are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We don’t sell any products, we receive no commissions, and the only compensation we earn comes directly from our clients. Registered investment advisors, unlike banks and brokerage firms, have always had a fiduciary legal obligation to always put their clients first. Our interests are fully aligned with that of our clients and we like it that way.

Truly Personal Portfolio Management

We bring to our clients very close, frequent, confidential customer contact. All our clients have direct access to the portfolio managers that are making investment selections on their behalf. GKV Capital is, by design, an elite, client-focused firm that gives each client the attention that their account requires to meet their long-term goals.

In initial meetings with you, we establish your investment objectives, define the level of risk suitable for your account and familiarize you with our investment philosophy and approach. We outline exactly what are our expectations for the performance of the account. Through this process, you as a client, have a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect from us, and what benchmarks GKV Capital should be meeting to fulfill your needs as an investor.

We understand that there are significant differences between each investor’s circumstances, risk tolerance, tax consequences and objectives. Because we manage each client account separately, and because we invest directly in individual securities rather than mutual funds or other investment vehicles, we tailor the management of your portfolio to meet your specific needs without multiple layers of performance reducing fees.

Protecting Our Clients

Four of the largest asset bubbles in investment history have occurred in the last 25 years. Volatility has taken a significant toll on investment assets requiring new strategies to protect and grow wealth. As an independent portfolio management firm making direct investments on our clients’ behalf, we have the flexibility and expertise to respond to the changing investment environment to reduce risk, minimize losses and grow wealth. We have a proven long-term track record of effectively managing risk in down markets and capturing gains in up markets.

We take a dynamic view of the macro economy to determine expected returns in the near-term of various asset classes. Within these classes individual investments are selected for clients’ accounts on an account by account basis. We have significant expertise in selecting individual securities. Our portfolio managers have been recognized as industry leading analysts with appearances in all the major business media publications including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, appearances on CNBC, CNN, and the major networks.

We do not simply buy securities and hold in perpetuity, but seek to take advantage of changes in market sentiment and fundamentals to avoid losses and create opportunity. As an independent portfolio manager, we have the flexibility to adjust investment exposure rapidly. If we are concerned about the outlook for the market, we will liquidate securities and raise cash to protect against potential losses.

We build comprehensive portfolios for our clients with a goal of reducing volatility and producing prudent growth. There is always some level of risk in any investment strategy, but we seek to reduce that risk with the combination of blending non-correlated assets, such as stocks, bonds, real-estate, international securities and where appropriate, options strategies and interest rate futures. In years when the major indexes have well above average gains, we will tend to trail in performance. In years when the markets are sharply lower, we will be down significantly less.

Transparency in Your Investments, Performance and Fees

We pride ourselves in giving clients full transparency in their investments. As a fee-only, independent firm, unlike most of Wall Street, there is no hidden agenda. We want to see our clients’ assets grow as quickly and securely as possible. We do not sell any financial products, there are no hidden fees, and we do not receive commissions. Our clients’ interests are perfectly aligned with our own.

We believe you should be able to intelligently understand your portfolio performance and know what you pay in fees. These basic factors are instrumental to reaching your financial goals. The major Wall Street firms obscure client performance and fees. We have come across very few brokerage statements that clearly highlight a client’s performance or fees paid for various services or financial products.

We deliver detailed comprehensive statements to our clients on a quarterly basis in addition to the monthly brokerage statements that clients receive. We break out portfolio performance over the last quarter, the last year, the last several years and since inception. All performance data is shown after fees and fees are billed for services in a clear coherent fashion.
We do not take custody of any client assets. Client assets are held in a client account at a major investment bank. GKV Capital has power of attorney to invest in marketable securities on behalf of our clients. Account ownership and access to all funds and securities remain the sole property of the client and are insured by the clients’ investment bank.

To learn more about GKV Capital’s independent portfolio management and capabilities, call 925-627-8680 to talk to our portfolio management team.